To choose where the wedding is the most important thing that you will plane, and there are many factors that influence the decision to choose the right place, as the number of guests, weather, days, budget and distance, Whether you want your wedding to be outdoor or indoor, etc.

Regardless of your chosen location, whether in a hotel, a restaurant, a club, a private residence, a farm, even a historical or cultural place, here are some tips that will make your wedding an unforgettable event.

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1- Distance

The distance between the ceremony and reception venue must have a few so that all the guests to attend. If it was able to make the reception venue and the ceremony in the same place or close, so the guests don’t leave the reception.

2- Time

Time must be very little between the ceremony and reception venue. And that the guests do not do something else and not attend. We advise having the ceremony and reception venue in a single destination so all the guests can attend.

3- Size

The size of the reception venue is very important. Brides and grooms should choose the size of the place thoroughly. Reception venues capacity should be bigger than the number of guests and in this case, the guests will feel comfortable and easier to move around between each other. The guests can see each other more clearly. Especially if there are children in the reception place, they will need space to feel the comfortable and truth joyous.

4- Climate Control

You must choose the right climate for the day of the ceremony and reception. If it’s summer, high temperatures will be and this will make the guests averse to attend, especially if the place of the ceremony is opened. If it is winter, it might rain is going to happen or feeling too cold and this can make the guests apologize for coming. You must choose the day of your wedding very carefully, and you’ll look at the weather to choose the right days. You must know where is temperature control so you can change the temperature if needed.

5- Smoking

If Reception venue is outdoors, this makes smokers free. But if the place of reception is locked in place and the place is non-smoking, we must allocate a place for smokers, so smokers don’t have to go out to smoke for the ceremony due to smoking.

6- Elegant lighting

It Must be stylish and good lightings, stylish good in available. Lightings are focused on every corner in the ceremony to take pictures of a beautiful photographic memorial.

7- Number of guests

You must determine the number of guests have invited to the wedding, as you know the number that will come to the wedding, make sure the hall of the ready for any increase in the number of guests by 15%, as many of halls allow confirmation of the number of guests 48 hours prior to the wedding date, make sure to notify the place you have chosen the number of guests at the time.

8- Entertainment

Make sure there is enough space to entertain the guests, which depends on whether you will be choosing band or DJ. Brides and grooms must identify the area they want to dance. The wedding day is a very important day for brides and grooms. They must check everything for the ceremony and the guests. The wedding will remain the memory of a lifetime and deserve to be the perfect occasion for guests, families, friends, and particular brides, and grooms.


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